Activities to Do

There are lots of things you can do while at Dharamsala. Just sitting and enjoying the cool mountain air is an option too!

While in Dharamsala, we suggest that you spend your time in exploring this hilly area and understanding its recent interesting recent history.

Listen to the enchanting tales that the members of the local communities have to tell of their fading traditional challenging life and culture. Enjoy the variety of food and hospitality. Hike through the dense forests and trek in the pristine mountains. Meditate in the monasteries. Take part in our festivals and rituals. Click photographs and take home memories that you will cherish forever.
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Waterfall and River bath
Gift and Plant your ecoTree
Eat Traditional Organic Food
Watch birds and animals
Watch Cultural Programs
Attend Sahaj Yoga Session
Attend teachings by Lamas (sometimes by HH Dalai Lama)
Understand & experience